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Submission Rules

Though it would be with regret, OutlawArtisans.com reserves the right to cancel or amend the contest or the terms at any time without prior notice. Any changes will be posted on OutlawArtisans.com as soon as the changes become known.


  1. Submitted images must be no larger than 600kb files size.
  2. Entrants must be 18 years of age or older to enter an OutlawArtisans.com show.
  3. You must be the artist and copyright owner of any works submitted.
  4. Artwork uploaded to the contest cannot be deleted and may remain published. (Please see usage rights below)
  1. The artist must be the sole author and owner of the copyright of artwork entered in to the competition. OutlawArtisans.com respects artist rights and does not claim copyright for images you submit to this contest, you will retain full copyright in each entry. Whenever your image is published by OutlawArtisans.com you will be credited. Failure to publish a credit due to error or oversight shall not be deemed a breach of this condition.
  1. By entering this contest you agree that any winning image or runner up images you submit may be used by OutlawArtisans.com solely for the purpose of this contest or future contests and no other purpose, these uses include; displaying the entries on the contest website, promotion of the contests and the artist, cropping and re-sizing the image as necessary to fit pre-defined formats for the competition.
  2. You hereby grant OutlawArtisans.com a non-exclusive, irrevocable license in each Entry for the uses described in 1. above for 1 year following the date of announcement of the winner, thereafter the image may be used for archival purposes on OutlawArtisans.com.
  3. You acknowledge your responsibility for protecting your entry against image misuse by third parties, by for example, but not limited to, the insertion of a watermark, retaining exif data. OutlawArtisans.com and its sponsors can assume no responsibility and are not liable for any image misuse.
  4. Should any image uses beyond those needed for the contest arise you will be contacted and given the opportunity to negotiate any such usage with the parties concerned independently of the contest.


  1. Our panel of judges will asses all entries and then select winners, with various reward designated by each contest.
  2. The judges decision is final and they do not enter in to communication relating to entries.


  1. Although we endeavor to provide quality prizes OutlawArtisans.com can not warrant the quality of sponsors product/service and you agree not to hold OutlawArtisans.com, or it’s staff liable for any losses costs or liabilities that may arise in association with the prize(s) or sponsoring companies
  2. If the prize available is money then it will be paid to the winner via Paypal. Transferred funds to your Paypal account will be subject to Paypal’s fees, payment of Paypal’s fees are the responsibility of the winner.
  3. Details relating to any prizes will be sent to the winner via email within 30 days of the winner being announced.

Entries, only selected entries will be viewable on OutlawArtisans.com when the contest winner is announced.
OutlawArtisans.com terms may change from time to time. It is your responsibility to ensure you stay informed and up to date with our terms so we recommend you visit this page on a regular basis.
By entering our competitions you are deemed to have read and agree with these terms

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