Dawn of the Furries

January 8th, 2015
by BF_Admin

Dawn of the Furries is a post-apocalypse story of a furrier nature.  A group of co-workers arrive to the office on a Monday morning only to find their world turned upside down.  Incredibly, Pittsburgh, and indeed the world, is under siege by roving, rabid furries.  If they are going to survive, they are going to need to work together.

Zombies? Phtt! These are rabid furries!

Cover by Jeff Outlaw and Kickstarter Exclusive Cover by Joe Pekar

The story is about leadership, and how Ethan, the main character, will grow from an average working stiff into someone the team learns to respect and follow. Ethan will learn what it means to assume the lead role, both the triumphs and the burdens.

To purchase a copy of Issue 1, email info@OutlawArtisans.com


Dawn of the Furries copyright© Jeff Outlaw / Brandi Bare copyright© Joe Pekar and Jeff Outlaw

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